Michael Weatherhead

Michael is the founder of film production company, One Planet Films, and VOD business His work spans filmmaking, business consulting and online broadcasting. He has worked as a producer, director and writer. His latest film, The Assange Agenda is being submitted to festivals and broadcasters. His previous film Return To Gaza won 2 awards and was nominated for another 4.

In March 2012 Michael launched his new business ScreenZone Media, a website for documentary. ScreenZone has been designed to help filmmakers get a better return on their films. It offers a non-exclusive license for online rights and gives 70% of sales to the supplier, see

Chantal Denoux

Chantal Denoux currently works as Producer,Executive Producer and Writer for Denoux Films Productions following a career in fil studios in France & Australia on animation educational programs, human rights films, corporate videos and TV commercials.Chantal has studied Psychology, Journalism & Filmmaking at Universities in Paris & Sydney.She has won awards for her works as an actor and producer. Her work includes the award winning documentaries. .My Home-Your War, filmed in Iraq, Winner of 4 Awards for Best Documentary, Social & Political issues(New York,Paris,Melbourne) & Selected in 17 International Film Festivals. . Return To Gaza, Filmed in Israel, Gaza. Just released, so far: 2 Arads(USA), 3 nominations for Best documentary (UK) & 6 Selections (US,UK,South Africa, Thailand,Egypt, & Gold Coast) at International Film Festivals. .Danger Zone,Action Stunt Series filmed in Hollywood and on the Gold Coast,Official selection in Oslo,Norway Film Festival & Thailand.

Lucy Anna Rhoades

Lucy Anna Rhoades (PhD) is a journalist, presenter, writer, filmmaker, counselor and corporate trainer with experience in film and TV including the BBC, 123 Production, and where she has been working in production, development and the acquisition of content.

Lucy Anna Rhoades