Michael Weatherhead
Director/Executive Producer

Michael Weatherhead is the founder of several businesses including the VOD website, ScreenZone and online broadcaster HotSpots. He is an award-winning filmmaker with a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and a strong background in business and IP. As a business consultant he developed feasibility studies and business plans, which included the creation of a Technology Park for Agriculture Victoria and raising $4 million in venture capital for a telecommunications equipment venture.

Lucy Anna Rhoades

Lucy Anna Rhoades (PhD) is a journalist, writer, filmmaker, counselor and corporate trainer with experience in film and TV at the BBC working in production, development and the acquisition of content.

Mike New

Mike New is a film producer, web and transmedia producer, IT project manager, business consultant, tantric practitioner. Mike has worked in Australia and spent eight years working in Asian countries from India to Japan. Mike has successfully delivered large IT projects up to $20 million and has supported publishing companies in successfully adopting new media.

Lynsey Allett
Assistant Director/Director of Photography/Editor

Lynsey Allett has been working as a freelance camera woman, video editor and multi-media educator for the last twelve years in the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. During this time, she has specialised in independent documentary film-making.