Fetah Sabawi is a successful Melbourne musician whose dreams of peace take him from Australia to Gaza through Egypt, Israel & the West Bank. Sabawi was born on a refugee camp in Jordan. His family came to Australia when he was seven and he became a professional musician when he left school. He has played in number of successful bands over the years, including Superheist, Karnivool, Revolucion Street and Jericco. His music from Revolucion Street is featured in this documentary. Fetah currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Ola and their two children but he still has dreams of going back to Gaza to live.

“As much as I feel Australian and as much as I consider Australia to be my country, I’m still an Arab Australian or a Palestinian Australian. I never knew what it was like to grow up in your own neighbourhood amongst your own people, on your own streets, going to your own schools, and growing up speaking your own language and achieving things in your own country. I’ve always lived in other peoples countries.”