Return to Gaza-Synopsis

‘Return To Gaza’ is a personal insight into the Middle East Conflict through the eyes of a Palestinian Australian, born on a refugee camp in Jordan, who wants to return to Gaza with his family.

This 53 minute documentary covers the difficult journey of Fetah Sabawi, a successful musician whose dreams of peace take him from Australia to Gaza through Egypt, Israel & the West Bank. With his wife, Ola and their two children, Sabawi plans to move to Gaza to head-up a project, funded by UN, to teach music to children.
A new life for a rock star going into a war zone. Sabawi’s amazing journey starts before the Palestinian elections in 2006 and the subsequent election of Hamas and takes us through the Israeli invasion of Gaza upto the ill-fated flotilla with aid for Gaza in 2010. Sabawi’s journey and fate are punctuated by the dramatic events of the Middle East and the involvement of world’s leaders as we see statements from Palestinian President Abbas, US Vice President Biden and US Secretary of State Clinton.
In this film, we discover a grass roots perspective of a major conflict.


Including interviews with the former Ambassador to Egypt, Monzer Eldajani, the elected Hamas member Dr Yusuf al-Shrafi, the acclaimed Australian author Antony Loewenstein and Israeli Peace activists, the film provides a revealing insight into the political minefield of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and it’s effect on their daily lives amongst the huge walls, check-points and constant military presence.
‘Return to Gaza’ is a poignant story and personal discovery, of a determined westerner and artist facing unbearable issues and losing hope to live one day in Peace in his ancestral home in Gaza.